Elephants in the Room Symposium at The Photographers’ Gallery

A symposium bringing together different generations of artists, cultural theorists and activists to look at feminist issues in art practice. A deliberate departure from the conference format, Elephants in the Room will take a more participatory and less hierarchical approach through offering a series of break-out discussion groups, a communal lunch and a collage-making area. […]

Participatory Photography: A Practice Showcase, Brighton Photo Biennial 2016

Presentations and chaired panel discussion with artists discussing different approaches to participatory practice, showcasing a diverse range of Photoworks projects. Anthony Luvera reflects on Queer in Brighton , actor Sean Mahoney and photographer Ania Dabrowska talk about MPower, their collaborative project with young men for BPB16, and Helen Cammock discusses Into the Outside, a heritage learning […]

Look Again at The Photographers’ Gallery

Look Again, hosted by Anthony Luvera, invites an intimate group of participants to look intensively at a single photograph they are unfamiliar with and read it out-loud together. This looking group is focused on slowing down the way in which we as viewers look at images, bringing into question the difference between looking and seeing. […]

The World in London

  The World in London presents portraits of Londoners by British and international photographers taken from 2009 – 2012. Each portrait shows a person or people from one of the 204 nations taking part in the London 2012 Games, accompanied by individual stories. Between July and September 2012, the portraits were exhibited as large-scale posters […]

Photography & Participation at The Photographers’ Gallery

Photography & Participation was a series of six talks held over two weeks organised by Anthony Luvera and Ben Judd that examined the differences and the connections between performance, participation and social interaction in photography that engages with social practices and communities. Mon 15 November, 19.00 Dr TJ Demos: An Informal Talk on Photography & […]

Authenticity in Depiction

Exhibition review of Open See by Jim Goldberg at The Photographers’ Gallery Published in Source Winter 2009/10, Issue 61 Open See, recently on show at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, is an exhibition by Jim Goldberg about migration in Europe. The American photographer began creating this body of work in 2003 when he was commissioned […]