The Search for Safety

Book review of A Million Shillings, Escape from Somalia by Alixandra Fazzina (Trolley) Published in Source Spring 2011, Issue 66   The ability to travel freely is taken for granted in the Western World almost as a human right. For people in the Horn of Africa attempts to flee countries consumed by extreme poverty, famine, […]

A Personal Story

Book review of The Kaddu Wasswa Archive, A Visual Biography by Andrea Stultiens (Post Editions) Published in Source Spring 2011, Issue 66 “Usually people do not write their own history. Some people are given a history that is not really theirs. But who can oppose and prove otherwise?” Andrea Stutliens situates this quote prominently on […]

Scandalous Photographs of Children

Book review of The Henson Case by David Marr (Text Publishing) Published in Source Summer 2009, Issue 59 What is an appropriate photograph of a naked child? Who may be permitted to create it? Where might it be viewed? Who should be allowed to look at it? Definitions of art and pornography are never more […]

Authenticity in Depiction

Exhibition review of Open See by Jim Goldberg at The Photographers’ Gallery Published in Source Winter 2009/10, Issue 61 Open See, recently on show at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, is an exhibition by Jim Goldberg about migration in Europe. The American photographer began creating this body of work in 2003 when he was commissioned […]

A Home for Photo-Theory

Review of Photographies, and Photography and Culture Published in Source Autumn 2008, Issue 56   Photographs are more present than ever before. While it is certain that they will to continue to infiltrate our everyday experiences in ways previously unimaginable, it is perhaps both their ubiquity and unpredictability that has scattered the development of “photography […]

Photographs and Assisted Self-Portraits

Published in Source, Issue 47 2006 Photographs I had never wanted to photograph homeless people before. I’d read the (de)constructive writings by photo critics on ‘others’, poverty and representation. I knew about the complexities of the find-a-bum school of photography trounced by Martha Rosler. So in December 2001, when it was put to me by […]