Photography and Collaboration: From Conceptual Art to Crowdsourcing

by Daniel Palmer Bloomsbury, February 2017 Photography and Collaboration offers a fresh perspective on existing debates in art photography and on the act of photography in general. Unlike conventional accounts that celebrate individual photographers and their personal visions, this book investigates the idea that authorship in photography is often more complex and multiple than we […]

Engaged Urbanism

  Edited by Ben Campkin and Ger Duizings I.B. Tauris, 2016 ‘Engaged Urbanism showcases the exciting ways in which urbanists are responding to this question and working towards fairer cities. Its authors offer succinct, candid and carefully illustrated commentaries on the trials and successes of risk-taking research, revealing how they collaborate across fields of expertise, […]

Practicable: From Participation to Interaction in Contemporary Art

Edited by Samuel Bianchini and Erik Verhagen MIT Press, 2016 How are we to understand works of art that are realized with the physical involvement of the viewer? A relationship between a work of art and its audience that is rooted in an experience that is both aesthetic and physical? Today, these works often use […]

Subject of Study: Collaboration in Research and Artistic Practice

‘The Subject of Study – Collaboration in Research and Artistic Practice’ is explores research collaborations in academic and artistic practice. The conference opens with an afternoon of researcher lead discussion, exploring different forms of collaborative practice and relationships between the agency of individuals engaged in collaborative research and the institutional or disciplinary context in which […]

Participatory Photography: A Practice Showcase, Brighton Photo Biennial 2016

Presentations and chaired panel discussion with artists discussing different approaches to participatory practice, showcasing a diverse range of Photoworks projects. Anthony Luvera reflects on Queer in Brighton , actor Sean Mahoney and photographer Ania Dabrowska talk about MPower, their collaborative project with young men for BPB16, and Helen Cammock discusses Into the Outside, a heritage learning […]

Street Photography and the Art of Capturing the Crowd, at the Royal Academy of Arts

The depiction of everyday street life and capturing the energy of life on the street has pre-occupied artists for centuries. From Renoir’s evocative street scenes of late 19th Century Parisian life to Lowry’s iconic views of crowds in industrial Yorkshire, the dynamic energy and movement of crowds has been a central feature of modern and […]

Never Apologise, IC Visual Lab, Bristol

Featuring the work of Anthony Luvera, Stefan Ruiz, Sidnay Banks, and Zanele Muholi. Visual narratives play a part in constructing the roles we make for ourselves as well as those that are constructed for us. This group exhibition explores notions of identity, sexuality and how LGBT people are represented in society. Supported by Division of […]

In Conversation: Place and Revolution, with Synthia Griffin of Tate Modern

Published by Open Engagement on the In Conversation: Place and Revolution Blog, edited by Gemma-Rose Turnbull 3 April 2015 In Conversation: Place and Revolution is a series of blog posts that put the place and context of socially engaged art at the fore. Beginning in March 2015 and continuing each week leading up to Open […]

Assembly, Brighton Photo Fringe, Phoenix Brighton, 4 – 26 October 2014

Assembly by Anthony Luvera is an exhibition of work created over a twelve-month with people who have experienced homelessness living in Brighton. Assembly consists of a new series of Assisted Self-Portraits; photographs created by participants; sound recordings; an installation of research on homelessness support services across the UK; and documentation of the artist’s working practice. […]

Look Again at The Photographers’ Gallery

Look Again, hosted by Anthony Luvera, invites an intimate group of participants to look intensively at a single photograph they are unfamiliar with and read it out-loud together. This looking group is focused on slowing down the way in which we as viewers look at images, bringing into question the difference between looking and seeing. […]

Is it possible to have a truly reciprocal partnership with a community?

Published by Open Engagement on the 100 Days 100 Questions Blog 8 May 2014 Open Engagement is a free annual conference on socially engaged art, directed and founded by Jen Delos Reyes, and planned in conjunction with the Art and Social Practice program at Portland State University. At the end of the 2013 Open Engagement conference […]

Queer in Brighton

Edited by Anthony Luvera and Maria Jastrzebska, Queer in Brighton explores the untold stories and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* people in Brighton & Hove, past and present. The culmination of intensive work by over 150 people who have come together to share stories, reminiscences, creative writing and photography, this publication is a […]

Not Going Shopping, newspaper

In February 2014 the Collaborative Portraits from not going shopping were exhibited as large-format posters in outdoor public spaces across Brighton & Hove. At the same time, 3,000 copies of the not going shopping newspaper were distributed free throughout the city.  

Not Going Shopping, exhibition

[rlslider id=1502] In February 2014 Collaborative Portraits from not going shopping were exhibited as large-format posters in outdoor public spaces across Brighton & Hove.

Speaking Nearby: Anthony Luvera in Conversation with Chris Wright

Published in Anthropology and Art Practice Edited by Arnd Schneider and Christopher Wright Bloomsbury, 2013   Anthony Luvera (AL): I first began working with people who have experienced being homeless around 2001. Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of people in cities and towns across the UK, including London, Colchester, and Belfast. Over this time […]

Queer Times for SuperMassiveBlackHole

Guest editor SMBHmag15 Issue 15, 2013 Featuring work by Ami Barnes, Darren Campion, Thomas Hellstrom, Dean Hollowood, Adelaide Ivánova, Patricia Karallis, Michael Koch, Paul Knight, Claudia Moroni, Momo Okabe, Mélanie Pottier, Ryan Riddington, Karolina Sobel, Tatiana Vinogradova, and Lee Wagstaff.   Queer Times “Being queer is not about a right to privacy; it is about the […]

Tools For Sharing: Wendy Ewald In Conversation With Anthony Luvera

Published by Photoworks November 2013   Anthony Luvera (AL): Was there a particular experience in your education or childhood that enabled you to see learning, teaching and participation as tools for your photographic practice? Wendy Ewald (WE): I think my interest in education evolved naturally from helping to rehabilitate my brother after he was hit […]

In My Skin: Michelle Sank In Conversation With Anthony Luvera

Published by Photomonitor September 2013 Anthony Luvera (AL): For over a decade you have photographed children, adolescents and young adults. While you have addressed particular circumstances, experiences and themes – ranging from teenage pregnancy, ex-offender rehabilitation, to living in Belfast after The Troubles – underpinning your work appears to be a fascination with individuals going […]

Northern Ireland: 30 Years of Photography by Colin Graham

Northern Ireland: 30 Years of Photography by Colin Graham was published by Belfast Exposed in partnership with the MAC on the occasion of the exhibition Northern Ireland: 30 Years of Photography showing at Belfast Exposed and the MAC from 10 May to 7 July 2013. Since the 1980s Northern Ireland has produced a distinctive body of photographic […]

The World in London

  The World in London presents portraits of Londoners by British and international photographers taken from 2009 – 2012. Each portrait shows a person or people from one of the 204 nations taking part in the London 2012 Games, accompanied by individual stories. Between July and September 2012, the portraits were exhibited as large-scale posters […]

The Search for Safety

Book review of A Million Shillings, Escape from Somalia by Alixandra Fazzina (Trolley) Published in Source Spring 2011, Issue 66   The ability to travel freely is taken for granted in the Western World almost as a human right. For people in the Horn of Africa attempts to flee countries consumed by extreme poverty, famine, […]

A Personal Story

Book review of The Kaddu Wasswa Archive, A Visual Biography by Andrea Stultiens (Post Editions) Published in Source Spring 2011, Issue 66 “Usually people do not write their own history. Some people are given a history that is not really theirs. But who can oppose and prove otherwise?” Andrea Stutliens situates this quote prominently on […]

Photography & Participation at The Photographers’ Gallery

Photography & Participation was a series of six talks held over two weeks organised by Anthony Luvera and Ben Judd that examined the differences and the connections between performance, participation and social interaction in photography that engages with social practices and communities. Mon 15 November, 19.00 Dr TJ Demos: An Informal Talk on Photography & […]

Fire Scene: Sarah Pickering In Conversation with Anthony Luvera

Published in Hot Shoe Apr-May 2009 Sarah Pickering’s photographs of the training grounds used by the UK law enforcement and emergency services for disaster provision are as much a view on the complex manufacture of British society as they are a depiction of the fabricated environments. The young British photographer first rose to attention upon […]

Scandalous Photographs of Children

Book review of The Henson Case by David Marr (Text Publishing) Published in Source Summer 2009, Issue 59 What is an appropriate photograph of a naked child? Who may be permitted to create it? Where might it be viewed? Who should be allowed to look at it? Definitions of art and pornography are never more […]

Authenticity in Depiction

Exhibition review of Open See by Jim Goldberg at The Photographers’ Gallery Published in Source Winter 2009/10, Issue 61 Open See, recently on show at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, is an exhibition by Jim Goldberg about migration in Europe. The American photographer began creating this body of work in 2003 when he was commissioned […]

A Home for Photo-Theory

Review of Photographies, and Photography and Culture Published in Source Autumn 2008, Issue 56   Photographs are more present than ever before. While it is certain that they will to continue to infiltrate our everyday experiences in ways previously unimaginable, it is perhaps both their ubiquity and unpredictability that has scattered the development of “photography […]

Empowering Photography

Book Review of Towards A Promised Land by Wendy Ewald (Steidl / Artangel) Published in Source Spring 2007 Issue 50   Reviewing a publication by an artist whose practice is driven by process, dialogue and collaboration is an intriguing exercise. It becomes more than an examination of the content of images and words spread out […]

1+1=3, Collaboration in Recent British Portraiture, curated by Susan Bright

Featuring the work of Emma Critchley, Anna Fox, Sara Haq, Paul Jeff, Wiebke Leister, Anthony Luvera, Melanie Manchot, and Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. ‘This exhibition takes as its foundation the nature of collaboration. What exactly does collaboration mean and how does it manifest itself? Does collaboration really mean equal partners as one might originally […]

Photographs and Assisted Self-Portraits

Published in Source, Issue 47 2006 Photographs I had never wanted to photograph homeless people before. I’d read the (de)constructive writings by photo critics on ‘others’, poverty and representation. I knew about the complexities of the find-a-bum school of photography trounced by Martha Rosler. So in December 2001, when it was put to me by […]