Photography & Participation at The Photographers’ Gallery

16 – 24 November 2010

Photography & Participation was a series of six talks held over two weeks organised by Anthony Luvera and Ben Judd that examined the differences and the connections between performance, participation and social interaction in photography that engages with social practices and communities.

Mon 15 November, 19.00
Dr TJ Demos: An Informal Talk on Photography & Participation

Wed 17 November, 18.30
Prof Arnd Schneider: Camera Positions: Remarks on Observer and Observed in Art and Anthropology

Thu 18 November, 18.30
Dr Paul Jeff (Paul+A) and artist Ben Judd: Performance and the Camera

Mon 22 November, 18.30
Dave Beech: Photography & Relational Aesthetics

Tue 23 November, 18.30
Prof Andrew Dewdney and artist Anthony Luvera: Community Photographic Practices

Wed 24 November, 18.30
Dr Anthony Downey: The Ethics of Participatory Practice

Sound recordings of these talks are available to listen to by appointment.

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IMG_9471Photograph by Tahmina Rahman








Photographs by Tahmina Rahman

Photographs by Tahmina Rahman