Photography and Collaboration: From Conceptual Art to Crowdsourcing

by Daniel Palmer
Bloomsbury, February 2017

Photography and Collaboration offers a fresh perspective on existing debates in art photography and on the act of photography in general. Unlike conventional accounts that celebrate individual photographers and their personal visions, this book investigates the idea that authorship in photography is often more complex and multiple than we imagine – involving not only various forms of partnership between photographers, but also an astonishing array of relationships with photographed subjects and viewers.

Thematic chapters explore the increasing prevalence of collaborative approaches to photography among a broad range of international artists – from conceptual practices in the 1960s to the most recent digital manifestations. Positioning contemporary work in a broader historical and theoretical context, the book reveals that collaboration is an overlooked but essential dimension of the medium’s development and potential.

In Photography and Collaboration Palmer considers the work of Anthony Luvera as a collaborative approach to a creative documentary practice in the context of community photography.

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