Notes on Photography and Death: Mourning, Spectacle, Evidence

The Death Detectives was an event held at The Photographers’ Gallery on Thursday 3rd of December 2015, organised by Elizabeth Cotton, as part of the public programme for the exhibition Burden of Proof: The Construction of Visual Evidence curated by Diane Dufour. This event and a subsequent digital resource featured contributions by David Morgan, Steve Fuller, Martina Caruso, Matt Gieve, Angela Eden, Philip Stokoe, Tom DeRose, and Anthony Luvera.

Anthony’s contribution can be read on The Photographer’s Gallery Blog here.


Image: Marfa Ilinitchna Riazantseva, 1937 © Archives centrales FSB et Archives nationales de la Fédération de Russie GARF, Moscou, copies publiées à partir des archives de l’Association internationale Memorial, Moscou.