National Photography Symposium 2018: The Future of Work in Photography

1st – 3rd November 2018

Redeye is delighted to be returning with the next National Photography Symposium (NPS), its biennial event, this year held at the MediaCityUK base of the University of Salford. Held over three dynamic and engaging days, The Future of Work in Photography will be a chance for people working with or in photography to discuss current issues, trends, ideas and visions for the future of the medium. Innovative and forward-looking, the three-day programme of events will be richly curated and designed to begin conversations, collaborations, movements and campaigns to improve the sector, with over 20 influential people speaking.

NPS 2018 will be based around three strands:
1. Cultural and social shifts: what new roles have developed in photography, which skills remain relevant, and how are these be disseminated? Exploring where amateur and professional artists overlap, how to finance creativity, and the photography of the future.
2. The impact of technology within the industry: how is photography and creative work being consumed and shared, through which platforms? What new possibilities does technology present, how will AI and algorithms have an impact, and how are the large tech organisations influencing this?
3. Political and legal: exploring ownership, IP, copyright, the use of metadata, the place of blockchain, and whether current laws are workable. Discussing how global social changes such as climate, war or migration affects work.

Friday 2 November 2018
15.40 – 16.40
Social and Collaborative Practice

New and developing areas of work are opening up for photographers that use their visual and production skills to work with groups in community, health and welfare settings. These new methods and techniques can change the balance of power between photographers and subjects, but can also require a rethinking of work processes. Chaired by visual artist and activist Becky Warnock, the panel is made up of photographer Lisa Oldroyd, photographer working in community and representation Les Monaghan, Open Eye Gallery Director Sarah Fisher, and artist, writer and educator Anthony Luvera.

Further information about the full three day programme and ticket bookings can be found on the Redeye website here.