Elusive, curated by Sian Bonnell

Elusive 6

8 February – 18 March 2011

Camberwell Space, Camberwell College of Arts, 45 – 65 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UF

Featuring the work of Suky Best, Karen Brett, Kathryn Faulkner, Anna Fox, Toby Glanville, Laura Guy, Fergus Heron, Jane Hilton, Juneau Projects, Uta Kogelsberger, Chrystel Lebas, Anthony Luvera, John Miles, Wendy McMurdo, Trish Morrissey, Heidi Morstang, Spencer Murphy, Magali Nougarede, Chino Otsuka, Helen Sear, Self Publish, Be Happy, Nigel Shafran, David Spero, Tansy Spinks, Eva Stenram, Clare Strand, Patricia Townsend, Steven Tynan, and Verdi Yahooda.

‘…one can force the camera to create the unpredictable, the improbable, the informative…’
Vilem Flusser – Towards a Philosophy of Photography.

Elusive brings together the work of 29 artists. It features photography, video, performance and book works. Although all the imagery relates to the camera, none is about photography itself. It could be argued that the camera apparatus, although a recording instrument, also offers a space for play. The idea being explored here is of the camera as conduit, a place for the imagination. Light enters the interior space, some kind of magic occurs, and it exits transformed. This will not happen every time a camera is picked up – you have to make it happen. The results can be erratic and fickle, elusive even.  The work featured in this exhibition gives us an opportunity to examine imagery which is unpredictable, improbable, informative and capricious – but never dull.

Sian Bonnell